Climate is an important consideration. And this depends on your interest. Nature enthusiasts should go from early October to late April. Generally, wildlife and natural viewing is most rewarding from the end of January through May. Mid November to March offers the best weather with cool temperature and little or no rain (occasional showers);
Extremely strong, hot and dry winds affect the island in June, July and August; ships cannot land due to high waves. The island is accessible only by plane and many inhabitants leave for the mainland, Gulf countries or at least to the central mountains for this period. Nevertheless, during this time of the year, surfing and kitesurfing activity can be arranged in the south-east and south-west of the island.
Hiking and trekking on the mountains and wadi is possible any time of the year.
Socotra weather patterns for tourists travel:
September: Coming out of the windy season, and still somewhat windy on the north coast. The sea is just navigable; usually no rain and the temperature still quite warm.
October: Wind now on shore, (usually just a breeze) from the North East, usually bringing some rains to the island, but maybe only a few days of intermittent heavy and scattered showers and most parts of the island get the effects of this rain; the temperature is cooling down, but still warm.
November to March: These are the pleasant months ths. There can still be rain in November, even into December, but usually only scattered and not very frequent. The sea begins to calm down and travel in small boats is possible. On the Hagghier Mountains everything is green so there has been a good rain up there, and also behind the mountains. But on the top of the mountains, especially at Scant at this time, the temperature can be very cold with frosty mornings! At mid March the midday temperature can be 30 degrees centigrade, with developing humidity.
April/May: April and May are quite hot, up to 38 degrees near the coasts, and still the weather is coming gently from the north east. But it is quite a lot cooler on the top of the mountain range and at Scant you would still need a covering at night to keep warm, but probably not a sleeping bag. These are still good months to visit the island.
June/July/ August: These are the very windy months on the north coast especially. The south coast is fairly calm at the same time. The winds blow in Hadibo day and night for three months at about 80 kph, only slacking off most days for an hour or two in the afternoon to perhaps 60kph. Gusts have been recorded at the port area, Howlaf, at 180kph. Schools close and fishing stops, except for a couple of places such as Deleisha, but all round the island fishing is limited by the strong ocean currents at this time of the year. It is not really a time for normal tourism except for surfing and trekking. In the north-western part of Socotra from July to August one can see big turtles crawling at night on deserted sandy beaches to lay eggs. The weather is still calm in the middle of the island and the south, so it is possible to make tours on the other coast-side of the island (the south-west). There are no rains accompanying these winds. The Boeing aircraft land and take off safely throughout this period, because the airstrip is straight up and down the wind direction allowing planes land and take off straight into the wind.