It is really difficult to pick just one thing about Socotra, since it has so many things to offer. But at the top of the list is just to explore it from one end to the other, a leak of information about Socotra is the main reason that pushes people to think that Socotra is just a small island with only some strange dragon trees. It is actually not the case. Socotra is so diverse that makes it difficult to summarize its points in just one short piece of text. Nice views over the Arabian sea, unique beauty of the nature, protected areas, natural ponds, unique scenery full of lush vegetation, wadis from the north shore to the south provide excellent opportunities for moments of inspiration, large impressive sand dunes, many endemic birds, insects and plants, and so, so much more things to discover! You can try scuba diving along the way, watch some Dolphins, Swordfish, Tuna, or take a camel trek across the island, climb the Hagier Mountains (1500 m) for a view that will take your breath away, snorkel off some of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen, go for trekking & hiking in the nature, attend some botanical tours, explore some caves that strech more than 3 km inside the earth, etc… And just enjoy your trip that won’t be easily forgotten.pool