Fishing in Socotra is a new activity which caught an attention of many fishermen tourists. It’s possible to get a big fish around 60 kilo. You might be lucky enough to catch something even bigger.

Fishes: Tuna,grouper, kingfish, barracuda or treadfish.ail fish, spanish makerel, red snapper, blue fin trevally, yellow fin trevally, grouper, coral trout, sharks, dog tooth tuna, emperor, rusty job fish,green job fish, rosy job fish, bonefish, treadfin.
The best time to go fishing is October, January February March and April (monsoon season starts from May to the end of September so please avoid it). Most of anglers prefer to practice popping; vertical jigging,light spinning, fly fishing is possible for Fishing but not so common.
There are two good fishing sites in Socotra are Iresal in the east and Qalansyai(Sayal, the two rocks) in the West.


Fishing day: Breakfast will be served very early (5:00am) to exploit the best part of the day on the sea. After a short transfer you will reach the most interesting fishing spots, not so far from the coast. Fishing trips in the mornings last about 6 hours: boats are coxed  by local fishermen it will help and support the local community and many have an excellent experience with the sea/ocean and traditional fishing but not such well trained in modern fishing techniques since popper has been introduced here just recently. After lunch, served on the beaches in the shadow of a comfortable tent, it is possible to relax and enjoy the nature of the island. Later you can do more fishing as spinning from the cost (at your choice white send beaches or  cliffs) or from the boas, ready at your service all the time.

Traditional fishing:

Fishing trips can be arranged as a part of your afternoon programme or you can make it the main activity of your stay. Usually, tourists go fishing with a small fisherman’s boat . You will be provided with  a fishing rope and bites. After coming back, you can have your catch cooked for dinner in one of the eco-camps.

You could also try fishing during the boat trip from Qalansiya to Shouab beach, which is generally included in most of the programs on the island. Meanwhile dolphins watching, you will have a chance to catch a fish that you can eat later for your dinner while camping on the Shouab beach.

Our fishing program will include:

  • Ministry fishing fees and agreement with local fishermen/villages
  • Accommodation at your choice in hotel (Hadibo) or camp-sites (Socotra-Friends) private tents, cooking service and ice boxes for your drinks; main tent for meals, table and chairs, umbrellas; fresh water for shower; technical toilet)
  • Food prepared by our cooks at camp-sites or in local restaurants (rice or pasta, vegetable soups, fishes, lobster, goat meat, eggs, cheese, local bread, milk, coffee, tea, honey or other spreads for breakfast, soft drinks)
  • Transfer to fishing sites:  4x4car (Toyota land cruiser) and pick up for your equipment
  • Local boats (7/8m, engine 15/40cv), 2pax/boat
  • English speaking guide, Arabic speaking captain