We were all born on Socotra and we are living on the island since then. During our childhood and youth we discovered the beauty of our island like every child does. Socotra was not known to tourists at this time. Later we learned English from an Australian immigrant, who teaches his language in a small school.

Since several years we have been working as guides with tourists from all over the world. Our tours are more than just driving from site to site. Because of our English education, which is quite rare on Socotra, we are able to share our knowledge about our nature and about our culture with our tourists. Further more we have a big range of skills, from fishing to hiking on the numerous beautiful tracks. Of course we also cook our traditional meals.

No matter how long you stay or what your personal interests are: We want to show you the most beautiful places on Socotra and we also want to give you a good understanding of our people and of our culture.