Flights schedules for arriving and departing from Socotra
(we will inform you if the departure and arriving time changes).
Flights from Sana’a via Socotra.
Saturday Departure Sana’a 10:30 am Arrival Socotra 12:30 pm (Felix)
Monday Departure Sana’a at 07:00 am Arrival Socotra 09:45 am (Yemenia)
Wednesday Departure Sana’a 8:00 am Arrival Socotra 10:30 am (Felix)

Flights from Sharjah via Socotra( UAE).
Wednesday Departure Sharjah 5:45 am Arrival Socotra 10:30 am (Felix)

Flights from Socotra via Sana’a.
Saturday Departure from Socotra at 1:30 pm Arrival Sana’a 4:00 pm (Felix)
Monday Departure from Socotra at 10:30 am Arrival Sana’a 1:15pm(Yemenia)
Wednesday Departure from Socotra at 11:00am Arrival Sana’a 1:30 pm(Felix)

Flights from Socotra via Sharjah ( UAE).

Saturday Departure from Socotra at 1:30pm Arriving Sharjah 7:15 pm
(Felix, stop-over in Mukalla)
We can book you your flight tickets to Socotra and send you an electronic copy!

We recommend to check Felix Airways ( and  Yemenia ( websites for the most up to date flight schedules.



    At the moment people from most nationality need advanced issued visa to enter Yemen.

  • Visa are  issued by Yemen Embassy/Consulate (when operating in different Countries: Japon, USA, France, Emirates…)
  • Visa are issued by Ministery of Foreing Affairs (MOFA) in Sana’a, previus agreement with a local agency.Socotra -Friends Tours can prepare visa issued by Ministery of Foreing Affairs and will assist you at immigration offices in Sana’a or Mukalla/Socotra airport at your arrival.
  • You can either get visa from the Yemeni Consulate in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

  When having visa through Embassy or Consulate Socotra-Friends tours will prepare an invitation letter for your stay in Socotra .

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